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We deliver an innovative edge through our dedication to inspired design, flawless execution, and exceptional service.

We are cosmetics production and skincare production all in one manufacturer with an advanced demonstration cosmetic production base equipped with “intelligent system , intelligent equipment , intelligent manufacturing, provide private label ,white label selling, and OEM,ODM,OBM manufacture service

Our success

We are a trusted, global provider of value-added solutions to many of the world’s leading brands in the beauty, personal care, and home care categories. We partner closely with customers as a critical enabler of their success through ideation, formulation, design, packaging and manufacturing of products.
Every year, we help develop and manufacture products for brands sold in countries all over the world. Here are just a few of the numbers that stand out


different brand names served


products co-developed annually


square meters, of manufacturing and R&D space

Our expertise

From ideation to manufacturing and supply, Goddsr is an ideal partner in the strategic planning process of beauty, personal care, and home care products. Our flexible platforms and ability to understand our clients’ needs means being able to offer bespoke solutions that range from complete end-to-end service to more targeted entries into the value chain.

We are dedicated to innovation through ideation and formulation, and feature expansive capabilities in product delivery systems, design, and packaging. Our global infrastructure and integrated supply chain enable us to develop and deliver complex products while also maintaining the flexibility to respond to the needs of our customers as they arise.

Research & innovation

Ideation begins in our innovation hubs and R&D, design and creative facilities with concept development and product positioning.

Custom formulation

Merging research and innovation with the customer brief, we create bespoke products to exact specifications that exceed expectations.

Device design and development

Our recognized experts in device design and development conceptualize products that produce engaging user experiences.

Packaging design

Our industry-leading expertise in the field of complex packaging design and production allow us to design, develop and package products to optimize functionality and visual impact. We are experts that understand how look, feel, and function of the delivery system must work hand-in-hand with the formulation.

Filling & assembly

Leveraging ever-evolving and customizable manufacturing processes, we adapt to exact filling and assembly needs, including sourcing the necessary materials, organizing and running the necessary tests, and ensuring flawless execution.

Regulatory affairs

An expertise in complex global regulatory requirements and a global network of industry partners allow us to provide unparalleled regulatory compliance.

Quality assurance

Our stringent standards provide our customers with confidence knowing that if their products meet our exacting standards, they will exceed the strictest regulations worldwide.  

All products have passed the certification and blessing of domestic and foreign authoritative systems. Ensure compliance with foreign industry standards such as GMPC, ISO, FDA, etc. Strict quality assurance is carried out from the whole process of formula, raw materials, packaging materials, production, storage and transportation.

Our Service


OEM,We are responsible for production, providing manpower and space, you provide equipment (such as packaging materials, formulas, raw materials, design, etc., any one, or all) and technology, and responsible for sales

General process: Client (customer) provide equipment (such as packaging materials, formulas, raw materials, design, etc., any one, or all)

  • -we according to your requirement to proofing (make a sample )-send to you let you test the result (ether adjustment or confirm )-after everything is ok you can place your order —then we starting to producing -shipping to you -now you have new product online

MOQ: Start from 8k-12k pcs/item

Pro vs Con

Pro : You have mostly control over your product ,cost reduction ,increase your profit ,Pricing etc .

Con: MOQ required , capital invest budget required .


You entrust the manufacturer to us, and we do it all from design to production, and the final product is affixed with your trademark and sold by you.

General process: you give us your Idea then the rest of job leave to us ,we will provide to you finish product

MOQ: Start from 12k pcs/item

Pro vs Con

Pro : You save your time dealing with marketing,publicity ,sales ,and customer service etc,Professional things are left to professional people to do,

Con: MOQ required , capital invest budget required .


OBM,we provide different brands product to authorize you to sell in different market ,product range from color cosmetic ,skincare ,personal care etc ,simple word ,you use our brand to selling anywhere in world

MOQ:This type no MOQ limited.

Pro vs Con.

Pro : No MOQ required ,quick go to market ,very low risk ,very low capital invest.

Con: Like a middleman ,with limited profit , not cost control from original.

White label

We provide a lot of market-proven cosmetic and skincare products with proven formulations(which we call premade product with standard packages ,mostly are black or withe color package or pure color ,you can select it from our product catalog or product library ,then put your brand logo and art work printing on,now ,you have your own brand name product ready to go on the market.

MOQ:This type of service MOQ start from 100pcs /item.

Pro vs Con.

Pro : With very small MOQ then you can have your own branded product.

Con: Can’t have too much customization.

Private label

Private label refers to products that are manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s brand. The retailer controls everything about the product, from its specifications to how it’s packaged, and everything in between. Once they’ve been produced, the products are shipped to the retailer for sale. From the consumer’s point of view, the private label products are the company’s “own brand” of products.Learn more about Metacnbeauty comsetics private label service start as low as 100 pcs .

All in one sourcing

Brings you hundreds of millions of products in over 700 different major niche categories, including package service , printing service, Art design service, Raw material service, tools or Accessories,Souring (beauty tools ),hair product or accessories etc.

Buyers for these products are located in 190+ countries and regions, and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on us each day.


Our products

Harnessing our best-in-class custom formulation, device development, package design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to deliver a wide range of products for established and emerging brands.

Beauty & Personal Care

Home Care


Acne care, cleansers, creams, foams, gels, liquids, lotions, milks, oils, ointments, serums, scrubs, toners, waxes, body butters + sun care products.

Air Care

Plug-in, car, pet, automatic, static.


Shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, dry shampoos, color enhancers, gels, heat protectants, masks, pomades + balms, spray.

Speciality Fabric Care

Liquids and gels

Bath, Shower & Body

Liquid soaps & sanitizers, body washes, foams, oils, sprays, cleaners, scrubs, topical creams. Also, men’s grooming – shave cream, balms, gels, antiperspirants, deodorants.

Surface Care & Home

Wipes, surface cleaners, zero waste cleaners, clean, shine, protect.

Cosmetics & Fragrance

  • Face makeup – Blushes, bronzers, concealers, illuminators/highlighters, liquid & powder foundations, tinted moisturizers, toners
  • Eye makeup – Eye base/primers, eyebrow-grooming, eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras
  • Lip makeup – Lip base/primers, lip balms, lip glosses, lip liners, lip stains, lipsticks, lip primers + accessories.

Pest Control

Plug-in insecticides, insecticide mats, portable insecticides.

Why Love Metacnbeauty

24 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support

Top R & D team Strong production strength

Metacnbeauty innovative Product R&D Center + Chongsheng, Zhuobi, Nuse three production bases, equipped with 100,000-level dust-free purification workshops according to international GMPC standards; Introduced advanced production equipment from Germany and the United Kingdom, 90+ production lines, with an annual output of more than 100,000+ tons.

Flexible and diverse cooperation models

Always adhere to the tenet of “customer satisfaction” to meet the individual needs of customers. Provide professionals in product, design, formulation, production, marketing, logistics, etc., and provide value-added services.

Strict quality management system

It has passed the certification and blessing of authoritative systems at home and abroad. Ensure compliance with foreign industry standards such as GMPC, ISO, FDA, etc. Strict quality assurance from the whole process of formula, raw materials, packaging materials, production, storage and transportation.

Advanced scientific research technology

Looking at international fashion trends, based on cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, gather high-strength scientific research talents, select global high-quality raw materials, and provide a strong guarantee for the development of high-quality and efficient products.

Innovative product power

Conform to market changes, accurately grasp consumption trends, deeply plough the market, and gain insight into expectations, take product innovation and research and development as the component “source power”, rely on strong research and development strength, and constantly innovate, create highly differentiated product capabilities, and walk in the forefront of trends.